washington redskins name controversy

Losing the trademark protections would not force the Washington team to change its name. The team could also still have trademark
"This movement has been coming for a long time," Jaramillo, a UCC national officer, told The Huffington Post. Add the United
“Thanks @LancasterCSD for challenging status quo & saying Native American stereotypes are inappropriate in sports,” Duncan
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) criticized the National Football League on Tuesday for shutting down a fantasy
NFL announcers said the word "Redskins" 472 fewer times this regular season than in 2013, a decrease of 27%. We expected
We call on sports teams with Native American names and mascots to consult with contemporary tribes and follow their guidance. Abandon negative characterizations and where it is mutually desired embrace positive identities so that we may preserve our Native American heritage.
Phil Jackson gets it. The New York Knicks president and 11-time NBA champion as a coach posted a message on Monday night
Thousands of people rallied outside TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Sunday to protest the Washington professional
Matthew McConaughey is November's GQ cover star and, in the accompanying interview by Brett Martin, the Oscar-winning actor
As it stands, the Redskins' 1-3 start isn't even the most painful part of their 2014 season. Instead, the team has been dog-piled by bad publicity even before the season began. Embracing the story of the Hominy Indians could be the perfect solution.