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The Democratic candidate also explained why Trump "is truly a terrible president. Not just bad, terrible."
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called President Donald Trump “corruption in the flesh” during her rally in New York City’s Washington Square Park.
Speaking to a massive crowd at Washington Square Park, the Democratic presidential hopeful honored the working women killed at the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.
Our walks in the park are never this eventful ...
"I’m a Muslim, I’m a woman, I’m a Palestinian immigrant, and the idea of living through four years, or possibly eight years of this, is terrifying."
"Our action today is a celebration of our liberties ... in advance of the four years of dissent which lie before us."
When Bernie Sanders arrived at his Manhattan rally, most of his 30,000 supporters could not actually see the Senator. Washington
Nearly a thousand people gathered on Sunday in New York's Washington Square Park to mourn those killed in the attacks in
Construction workers discovered the bones of more than a dozen people.
I had never lived in New York City before and the thought of living in a tower perched above the feverish frenzy of Washington Square Park, with its ever changing mix of students, and tourists, beatniks and folk singers, left me breathless.