Washington State Senate

"I wish I could reel it back," state Sen. Maureen Walsh said of her remarks on the Senate floor last week.
State Sen. Maureen Walsh said she regrets making the comment, adding that she was "tired" at the time.
The state is one of 17 that allows exemptions for "personal, moral or other beliefs.” That may soon change.
State Sen. Joe Nguyen, son of Vietnamese refugees, explained to HuffPost why his colleagues' jokes about his Asian name spoke to a larger issue.
It's a concrete way for newly elected Democrats to protect workers and the middle class.
Manka Dhingra (D) won her special election to a state Senate seat, which switches control of the chamber.
Don Benton has a long record of controversies, but no record of military service.
If this truly was a hearing for Spokane, by Spokane, we most certainly would have seen, and would have been right to expect to see presentations or statements from various response or regulatory agencies in the area who would be responsible if something were to happen in Spokane.
"The Republicans drew a new district to help Amedore," Sargeant said. "It did not work here because voters don't trust Republicans
State Sens. Rodney Tom (D-Bellevue) and Tim Sheldon (D-Potiatich) announced Monday that they would caucus with Senate Republicans