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“I have heard that she was nasty to me, but she should be,” Trump told the Washington Times about Barbara Bush.
For the duration of Jimmy Kimmel’s 13-minute monologue in which he recounted the harrowing moments that his newborn son had
Curl, who left The Drudge Report last year, isn't the first editor of the website to try launching his own project. The late
President Barack Obama plans to announce a new national monument on Wednesday, protecting nearly half a million acres in southern New Mexico.
Obama's use of the act, however, has drawn criticism from Republicans in the House who passed a bill in March that would
Who in the world could possibly think this was a good idea? "Let's give away oversight and regulatory authority over the Internet to other countries," they must have shrieked with élan.
Debo Adegbile's nomination to the Justice Department has angered police groups.
The cartoon, which only ran in the print edition of The Washington Times this week, "is reminiscent of the racist iconography
Attacking outlets like Capital New York for no other reason than being new to industry might be a fun way for the Times to tout its influence today, but it won't be fun when someone else is sitting atop that throne.
While Carson has said he has no plans to run for political office, he said he would consider it if he felt God's calling
Rowan Scarborough's article published Sunday in the Washington Times is a perfect illustration of a culture of misogyny and victim blaming, which has perpetuated the ongoing epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the United States Military.
For many years the Washington Post was a reliably progressive paper responsive to its reader's interests. However the Post today is no longer that paper.
This wouldn't be your regular kind of war. You know, the ones we just watch on TV and the soldiers come home, we toss and Oscar at Kathryn Bigelow and then pretend the whole thing never happened.
The Obama campaign also released an ad attacking Romney for the line, but the campaign was chastised by Sesame Workshop for
What do those people do every day in hundreds of embassies and consulates, when they do not host visiting dignitaries or participate in high-stakes negotiations? On a human level, how does the Foreign Service lifestyle affect its members and their families?
For a small membership fee, users can pick up a bike at any of 165 such docking stations and proudly pedal themselves to
During his long career, Arnaud de Borchgrave, a one-time Newsweek correspondent and editor, has earned his share of laurels
If Iran and the U.S. are unable to build positive sum political space and the mutual spin becomes a vicious cycle, the negotiations could easily spin into failure.
When one is introduced to a veteran these days, the typical first words out of one's mouth to the ex-soldier are "Thank you for your service." But for the WAT, gratitude ends with that salutation. Veterans are perceived in terms of dollars and cents rather than flesh and blood.