Even in dry states, it’s unclear whether the reused water would be safe.
The controversial gas and oil drilling method threatens to exacerbate a looming crisis over water.
Thousands across the U.S. are believed to live in unsanitary conditions.
Some of the liquid that you put down those pipes turns to solids and can clog the already tired systems. Here I am talking
When these plants treat your wastewater they can also capture the methane and make electricity. Here is a short video from
Maya K. van Rossum is the Delaware Riverkeeper, and has led the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) since 1994. The DRN is
Coalition cites outdated rules for disposing of wastewater, which can contain carcinogens and radioactive materials.
Imagine a wastewater treatment facility where people get married, amid 40-acres of restored salmon habitat with designed ponds and wetlands.
Dave Chen and his team at Equilibrium Capital in Portland, Ore., don't generally pitch pension funds and other institutional investors on the firm's thesis that environmentally and socially beneficial practices can drive operational efficiencies, reduced risk and above-market, or 'alpha,' returns.
"You told me this morning when I was in here... that you would drink this water," Osborn can be heard saying in a video posted
In the 1960s the Nashua River was starved of oxygen, biologically dead, and one of the ten most polluted rivers in the United States. The sludge-filled river, which flows through New Hampshire and Massachusetts, was a different color every day, depending on what was discharged that day.
If you're running a little short on potable water, you might want to take some empty jugs up to Portland, Oregon, where for the next few days, they will be throwing away 38 million gallons of water
The United States has one of the world's best systems for both wastewater and potable water treatment and distribution; however, that doesn't mean we are without challenges.
Honore said policies in Louisiana and Mississippi are more favorable for frackers than in Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania
"In these plays, every dollar counts," said John Christmann, who runs the Permian for Apache and will become chief operating
Wastewater also often contained nutrients such as potash, nitrogen and phosphorus which saved fertiliser costs, the study
Despite the importance of water, we regularly abuse this vital resource. However, there are some bright spots. The cities of Seattle, San Antonio, Philadelphia and Syracuse are leading the way.
When it comes to exposure to radioactive materials, how much is too much? If you're like most people, or scientists, the answer is probably "any amount."