wat phra dhammakaya

Thailand is often referred to as "The Land of Buddhism", the best country in the world for those looking to study the teachings of the Buddha, at least the Theravada branch of the teachings. Thailand's reputation as the center of Buddhism is well renowned, with numerous people from all over the world often times coming to Thailand and even learning Thai so that they can study Buddhism there.
Either way, you can only learn so much from reading things in the juicy "news" exposés you see in the media. Especially since
The ongoing prosecution of Venerable Dhammajayo, a Thai monk and the abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, the largest Buddhist temple in Thailand, has brought forth a wave of protests from supporters across four continents.
Why is the world's largest Buddhist temple being called commercial? And just how accurate are these accusations?
Hundreds of people came together to renew their commitment to the religion.
"Once I’ve been here I think I learn much more than my academy education, master’s degree or PhD," one convert told Religion
Jobs is now apparently “half a Witthayathorn” - a term the abbot came up by himself – and, apparently because of his well