water consumption

Information is a key to behavioral change and that’s why Robb Barnitt started Dropcountr, an application that can help customers
Over the years, we've heard many myths and misconceptions about food. To make matters worse, we end up believing them and then ruin the reputation of our favorite foods. But as they say, knowledge is power.
Aside from gauging thirst, one of the best ways to judge your hydration levels is by the color of your urine (kind of gross
• During the warmer months of the year, especially during summer, it's important to monitor your dog's water intake to insure
And while some may point to agriculture as the greatest user (nay, squanderer) of water, I say personal conservation counts
Stone Fruit vs. Citrus Curious about foods we didn't cover? Click here to view the full reports on crops and animal products
There are also devices that help you save water, like the Oxiget aerating showerhead, which reduces water consumption by
Despite the importance of water, we regularly abuse this vital resource. However, there are some bright spots. The cities of Seattle, San Antonio, Philadelphia and Syracuse are leading the way.