Water Resources

While the rich can drill wells and keep swimming pools filled, poorer residents line up for water and struggle to survive.
The "Dark Waters" star founded a nonprofit that mysteriously went dark.
Even in dry states, it’s unclear whether the reused water would be safe.
The Commerce Department has ordered that water use be prioritized for firefighters -- who say water isn't the issue. The decision isn't really about fire.
Global warming, worsening droughts, vanishing groundwater and growing populations will make the U.S. more vulnerable to water
The Report contains some existing, effective examples of present day best practice. For measuring water use, it cites the
Even in the relatively water-rich Hudson Valley, our H2O supplies face progressively increasing stress from climate change and companies hankering to slake thirsts in drier regions by getting hold of our own "excess" water supplies.
The World Economic Forum is meeting this month in Davos, Switzerland. In advance of the meeting, a survey was conducted among some 900 leaders in business, politics, and civic life that concluded that the most important global risk faced today is the world water crisis.
The Center for Neighborhood Technology, a not-for-profit organization based in Chicago that focuses on sustainable cities, estimates that the loss of water from our municipal distribution systems approaches 2.1 trillion gallons per year.