Water Resources

Even in dry states, it’s unclear whether the reused water would be safe.
The Commerce Department has ordered that water use be prioritized for firefighters -- who say water isn't the issue. The decision isn't really about fire.
Global warming, worsening droughts, vanishing groundwater and growing populations will make the U.S. more vulnerable to water
As we continue to consider the prospect for global water resources, we need first to make a major adjustment to how we measure
Even in the relatively water-rich Hudson Valley, our H2O supplies face progressively increasing stress from climate change and companies hankering to slake thirsts in drier regions by getting hold of our own "excess" water supplies.
The World Economic Forum is meeting this month in Davos, Switzerland. In advance of the meeting, a survey was conducted among some 900 leaders in business, politics, and civic life that concluded that the most important global risk faced today is the world water crisis.
The Center for Neighborhood Technology, a not-for-profit organization based in Chicago that focuses on sustainable cities, estimates that the loss of water from our municipal distribution systems approaches 2.1 trillion gallons per year.
It showed that overall, Californians cut water use by about 7.5 percent over July of 2013. California is in its third year
After months of temporizing analysis, President Barack Obama re-engaged militarily in the fading colonial construct known as "Iraq." That he has done so in limited fashion is to be commended, though the air strikes he has ordered so far are mere pinpricks.
There are hundreds of pages of information, observations, projections, and conclusions to absorb -- almost all of it bad news.
Access to clean water is the culprit of health crises in underdeveloped regions around the globe. As Chelsea Clinton pointed
Some thoughts for today: the bad news and good news for World Water Day. (First, I think every day should be World Water Day, not just March 22nd, but hey, that's just me.)
Stand at your kitchen sink and fill up a glass of water from the tap. Can you guess where that water comes from? Or how far it traveled to get to your tap? What about how adequately -- or not -- the land at the source is protected?
Water's economics are anything but clear. Water is one of the world's most glaring commercial anomalies, with a price reflecting nothing more than the costs to extract and distribute it.
A week or so later, Poinar experienced a severe bout of fever and chills. He struggled to hold a cup of tea steady. "I really
Water justice advocates around the world cheered recently when a French court rejected a defamation lawsuit brought by Suez Water against the makers of the documentary film Flow.
It says nations should guarantee everyone access to drinking water, fixing an affordable price, and involve local authorities
Last month I attended a pivotal event: the opening of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, a progressive environmental center slated to be the first certified "Living Building" in the United States.