water shortage

For many children, the lack of water supply locally means they are forced to walk for hours in search of it, which puts them
"Trading isn't a silver bullet. It's not a panacea," Brad Klein, a Senior Attorney at the Environmental Law and Policy Center
This week, California lifted some — but not all — of its statewide restrictions on urban water use. This comes as Lake Mead’s
If water scarcity prevails, companies could face constraints to growth. They may not be able to provide their core products and services, or may lose the ability to expand their business. As investors in these companies, this is something we are deeply concerned about.
To solve the freshwater problem that is now evident around the globe, we must first understand how much water is actually available, how much we use, to what purpose, using what system, in what condition, and with what realistic capacity given rapid climate change and its visible and continuing catastrophic effect.
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Big businesses and the private sector are undergoing a major overhaul as we all need to consider the impacts of our current rates of consumption, manufacturing processes, and sourcing of raw materials to sustain our future existence.
Last week Nestle -- another company that's come under fire for commoditizing California water -- defended its bottling operations
As we continue to work toward a fuller understanding of the presence of water, what we may not know so well is called "virtual water" -- the water that is used to produce almost everything we incorporate into our daily routines but is not listed on the label or calculated into the price.
According to a study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), “Droughts in the U.S. Southwest and Central
Decades ago, Gov. Wally Hickel was ridiculed for his idea of an ocean pipeline carrying fresh Alaska water to parched California. Now entrepreneurs are hoping that they can make good on his general concept by selling clear water from Southeast Alaska's rainforest to users in the dry south.
We need a new idea and system of law that will enable an alternative to collapse or chaos. As an advocate for the ocean and the global water cycle as that idea, I have been unable to establish the principle and precedent on which such a system of law might be based -- until now.
"I wanted to bring a solution to many problems, including water scarcity," Retezár said. So how does it work? According to
The men and women who understood the need for massive public works projects were visionaries. They were not ideologically opposed to using the collective resources of government to make big things happen. Sadly, too few of these people are at the helm of Government today.
Evangelicals are addressing myriad threats to life, from poverty and slavery to genocide. If the life movement can devote itself to fighting these, can't it also confront the threat to our life-giving water -- and compel the small- and large-scale actions that will conserve it for human beings today and tomorrow?
For many people, especially in parts of Europe and North America, the answer to "When will I get my water next?" is as simple as, "When I turn on my tap." But for three billion others around the world, the answer is much more complicated.
Recently, a bi-partisan report made clear that human-induced climate change leads to rising temperatures that will directly and indirectly cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century.
Did you know global warming is no longer a preventable possibility, but a exceedingly brutal reality? How about the fact that California's record drought just got worse, given how the meager winter snowpack is gone and hence the fire danger is already at ridiculous levels?