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Riders reach speeds of 57 mph and have the wedgies to prove it
Once you've had your fill of watery thrills, indulge in some top-of-the-line hotel amenities, from fine-dining restaurants to world-class spas to poolside cabanas where parents can relax while the kids enjoy some fun in the sun.
Forget what you've ever heard about water slides being for kids. These awesome water slides will have even the bravest adults cowering in fear. So grab a bathing suit and jump in the car (or plane) and start your summer off right.
Summer is coming, and whether you live in the eternally sun-soaked Southwest, the seasonally challenging Northeast or anywhere in between, one thing is certain: it's about to get HOT. But no need to fret. We have just the thing to cool you down.
Also Look for: At Spice H2O, the adult-only area located on the top deck of Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Breakaway, and Norwegian
Though the slide was meant to open to the public May 23rd, additional work on Verrückt has delayed its debut. Brace yourself
Check out photos of the event, below: h/t Good News Network "If you look at photographs in the 1900s you see these beautiful
Thrillseekers may find this idea appealing, while those who suffer from vertigo will find it horrifying: the world’s tallest water slide is being built in Kansas City and will send adrenaline junkies down a 17-story drop.
Hotel water parks have grown in popularity in recent years, allowing guests to enjoy all the thrills and entertainment of a water park without leaving the comfort of their hotel. Here are 10 of the most fantastic water slides onsite.
If you've got one, we'll be over shortly.
Enough already! You are stressed out. Overworked. Underpaid. And buried under your day-to-day life. Sure, you could practice yoga, try to eat healthier and learn to rest more. But how about, for one brief moment, recapturing your youth. For me, these six things do the trick.
Sometimes whizzing by on a water slide is fun. Sometimes it's not. Either way, it can end in hilarity. Read more on TheFW.com
This one goes out to everybody who's been sweating out the heat wave that's blasting the East Coast with triple-digit temps: we've rounded up five high-end water slides and swimming pools for your mind to float away.
File this one under "great moments in advertising." PmWeb Responsys, the agency that represents Brazil's Beach Park water
Officials with the park escorted the man and women straight from their "tunnel of love" to the park exit, without allowing