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Watch these divers take the plunge in an annual bridge diving competition. Would you be tempted to take compete?
Champagne Reef, Dominica Glover's Reef Marine Reserve, Belize Set on the Atlantic and the Caribbean 20 minutes by boat off
The airport is on an island adjacent to the capital's island, and for a small airport on a tiny island adjacent to the world's
The best time and conditions to go: November to March; big north swell; light trades or no wind. Also on HuffPost: How to
Click here to see more pictures of the wreck and to learn more about snuba diving. Snuba diving is a combination of Scuba
The main goal is to get people out into the North Carolina Mountains and do work that improves the amazing experience of being on the lake. It's a beautiful place and a popular spot for many grassroots environmental organizations.
Thanks to YouTube star Devin Graham, aka Devin Super Tramp, three awesomely futuristic water toys are on our radar. In one
What do you get if a Jet Ski merged with a skateboard? Sweden-based Radinn, a company aiming to "revolutionize the watersport
The parallax was made up of the following still photos: All the clips have been taken in the UK and made by only using one
Whether you're a total pro or a complete amateur, there's nothing quite like the rush of surfing.