Our country's founding principles of habeus corpus were in a direct response to the "lock them away in the Tower" abuses in Britain. We were going to be different. Oh, I know Guantanamo isn't on American soil, but our flag flies over that prison -- the same one we pledge "liberty and justice for all" to.
A.G. Holder's appointment of John Durham to investigate this sordid episode should be only the first step in a wholesale reevaluation of American national security priorities in the post-9-11 world.
Pelosi can be defended for being in an impossible situation at the time. Even if she disagreed with the policy, there simply wasn't much for her to do about it.
A Presidential BJ and an "enhanced" ball hitter get full blown multimillion dollar Congressional investigations. War crimes...well, hmmm.... we need to think about that! Why is this hard?
I never thought I would be having arguments with people about the merits of torture, which goes to show you how low Bush sunk the general level of American political discourse.
Officials said the procedure was totally "by the book" but refused to release the name of the book in question. It was reportedly published in Germany in the early 1940s.