Watergate scandal

Liddy, a former FBI agent and Army veteran, was convicted of conspiracy, burglary and illegal wiretapping for his role in the Watergate burglary.
Move over "Moscow Mitch." The Senate majority leader has a new mocking moniker thanks to the famed Watergate reporter.
CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin also predicted a separate article of impeachment being added against Trump.
He was the first EPA administrator and later served a second stint at the agency, where he was hailed as "Mr. Clean." He resigned as Nixon's deputy attorney general.
Most Americans have been paying attention to the impeachment hearings, but relatively few were glued to their screens.
The Watergate reporter said Trump is “untruthful in ways and to an extent that had never been dreamed somebody holding the Oval Office could be."
They all fell for the Jimmy Kimmel prank.
Nick Akerman says an upcoming public hearing in the impeachment inquiry against Trump will prove pivotal.
The former W.H. counsel says the impeachment proceedings have already been worse for Trump than they were for Nixon.
"We have a different dynamic after today," said the Watergate reporter after the first public impeachment hearing against Trump.
The U.S. is in “the middle of a cold civil war," said the famed Watergate reporter.
The group drew clear parallels between the current president and Richard Nixon in a Washington Post op-ed.
During the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon tried to release transcripts instead of audiotapes — and the courts struck him down.
"To borrow John Dean’s haunting Watergate-era metaphor ... there is a cancer on the presidency and cancers, if not removed, only grow," Conway wrote.
"They could indict a sitting president," said Nick Akerman.
Robert Mueller "has provided this committee with a road map," the former Nixon White House counsel testified before the House Judiciary Committee.
The president dismissed the one-time counsel to President Richard Nixon as a "sleazebag."
Richard Nixon's "master manipulator" has harsh words for Trump's latest impeachment claim.
“What they did is attack the witness. That shows a certain weakness and it also showed a lot of concern by Republicans.”