"This is very, very dull. So they put a lot of naked women behind it all."
Thousands of re-enactors descended on the Belgian town of Waterloo on Thursday to relive the historic battle that took place
Not since the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) had a Continental army battled continuously for so long a time, and soldiers of the early seventeenth century were notorious for flouting the wishes of their officers.
Gareth Glover, a member of the Waterloo Association historical society, thinks the skeleton -- which was found with a bullet
Many Americans travel to historic battlefields, most typically sites in which we have a direct emotional stake: places where U.S. soldiers fought at home or abroad and where a piece of our history was made.
Why is an episode about victory named after one of the most famous defeats in world history? Is it because the crushing blow to Napoleon proved to be a smashing victory for the British Empire and its allies?
An interactive museum dedicated to the pop-group opened in Stockholm in May 2013. While the 63-year-old Falskog told German
It looks like these two guys decided to get a head start on Valentine's Day. In this video by NelkFilmz, watch as Kyle Forgeard
If the British East India Company existed today, it would be a billion-dollar mega-corporation. In 1786 the company wanted a suitable port of "refreshment and repair" along the valuable trade route to China, and the tropical island of Penang.
Two bodies found in a cluster of trees in Iowa were positively identified Monday as two young Iowa cousins missing for nearly
The letter was published Tuesday in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier. It reads: Also on Tuesday, the girls' family members
Tammy Brousseau -- the aunt of missing Lyric Cook-Morrissey, 10, and Elizabeth Collins, 8 -- told ABC News that cops are
Authorities said there is no evidence of foul play in the girls' disappearances. "We have two missing girls, and we have
People like Marcellus Richard Andrews deserve to know how a Michele Bachmann presidency would impact their lives. They deserve to know why a leading candidate for president would say hateful things about them.
Iowa state Rep. Josh Byrnes (R-Osage) said it's almost "shallow" to assume a candidate has an advantage or based on where
"I know that millions of reporters in this country and in Hawaii have claimed that I make a lot of factual mistakes. Well, here and now I want to look the American people right in the eye and give them the facts."
"I wish I could be perfect," Bachmann said. "I'm a substantive, serious person" who has "good sense on how to turn the economy