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About 100 people were gathered inside a building in Waterloo when there was “some kind of confrontation," police said.
Matthew Stokes says his pet coyote "Drifter" is "a dog in a coyote's body" that was orphaned by his family.
Waterloo, Iowa, shows it's not so hard to embrace nonbelievers.
When a Waterloo police officer shot my unarmed 22-year-old son Derrick in the back of the head and killed him in 2012, city officials knew just how to push the incident through the criminal justice system.
Rick Perry came to Michele Bachmann’s home town Sunday evening and schooled the newlymminted Iowa front-runner in her native
As far as errors involving the life of serial killer John Wayne Gacy go, I've encountered some that were much more amusing than the one that is said to have been made by 2012 presidential aspirant Michele Bachmann in Waterloo, Iowa.
She was born on Nov. 21, 1944 to David and Lena Halverson in Waterloo, Iowa. She was one of Read more on Glenwood Springs