For example, Ericsson's Global Head of Talent Acquisition Gunjan Aggarwal is prioritizing that Ericsson has 30% female employees
Taking preventative steps to protect original images can bolster an owner's copyright position. Watermarking photographs
The Irish songstress is set to release her eighth studio album, "Dark Sky Island," on Nov. 20.
As we consider water as the new paradigm, we probably should begin not at the top of the user pyramid, but at the bottom, with a better calculation of our own water footprint, a measure of the amount used to produce each of the goods and services we use, directly and indirectly.
If I could sit down with Hillary, I would ask her to imagine 2016 as the election that catapulted women to positions of power all over this country. Imagine having women candidates up and down the ticket to seriously galvanize women voters.
We need to be true to our sisters, even when they don't stand up for themselves. We have to be the voice that says we demand dignity and refuse to support a sport that does not take women -- all women -- seriously.
We need to reframe the conversation for women (and men) around success, but not focus on an antiquated notion of work-life balance or having to achieve a certain "level" of success, but by the fundamental way we live our lives and what we want to be remembered by.
We applaud those companies who are recognizing this imperative and adding women to their boards, and we encourage those companies who have not yet responded to look at the success of these companies and follow their lead.
The Wall Street Journal released the line-up of speakers at its Digital Live conference -- and it didn't include a single woman.