Unfortunately, they also identified a massive funding gap, and this was before the election of Donald Trump as President
The water crisis is making headlines from Mexico City to Flint, Michigan, and the idea of payment for environmental services dates back at least as far as the Dust Bowl.
Haggard maple trees have fallen or lay dead as far as the eye can see. I can tell that something is deeply wrong with this wetland.
Nearly one in 10 watersheds in the United States is "stressed," with demand for water exceeding natural supply -- a trend that appears likely to become the new normal, according to a recent study.
The researchers found agriculture requires the most water and contributes the most to regional water stress overall; the
A few years ago I visited Southeast Alaska and saw more salmon than I thought I'd ever see in my entire life. The question: will they be there for our next generation?
In an interview this morning, the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone complained that the Gulf Of Mexico BP Oil Blowout is overshadowing his many years of success in destroying the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.