Once you've had your fill of watery thrills, indulge in some top-of-the-line hotel amenities, from fine-dining restaurants to world-class spas to poolside cabanas where parents can relax while the kids enjoy some fun in the sun.
Because there's nothing like flying 60 mph in your speedo.
On Taveuni Island in Fiji lies a long, sloping rock bed covered in rushing water. This is one of the most excellent natural
If a person is sliding along a nearly level slide, moving parallel to the ground, gravity would be pushing them down with
Though the slide was meant to open to the public May 23rd, additional work on Verrückt has delayed its debut. The slide known
Endless summer -- that's the promise of indoor water parks. And with it come surfing contests hundreds of miles from an ocean, waves lapping at pools the size of small lakes, and bright beach towels spread over lounge chairs as snow falls outside the windows.
WATCH: * Yes, you can. You'd think after one kid went flying over the pool they would have rethought the design of this thing