These sites have been called exploitative by many lawmakers, but states’ attempts to crack down on the websites haven’t worked.
For the last half-decade, the most exciting, contentious, and downright awe-inspiring topic in technology has been artificial
Watson, as you know, is the use of computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its many (many!) applications. image courtesy
Recently I was in NY City giving a presentation at the Tribeca Film Festival's Hatchery Innovation Day sponsored by Bloomberg
Daniel Burrus is also the creator of The Anticipatory Organization™ Learning System-named a Top 10 Product of 2016. So if
People worry they'll steal our jobs, but there's still hope for the future.
Bonnie MacBird 'found' Art in the Blood - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure, as a manuscript hidden in a forgotten tome of Victorian medical lore, and has brought us another adventure of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's great consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, as narrated by his companion, Dr. John Watson.
We can't know yet whether artificial intelligence will immiserate the human race, as some foresee. But it is clear that these technologies will bring transformative change of one sort or another to the world, and especially to Latin American societies. The region's leaders must begin to prepare.
But don't expect it to threaten radiologists' job security anytime soon.