wave energy

Australian based Carnegie Wave Energy and their Ceto Wave Energy System uses buoys and pumps to convert ocean waves into renewable energy and fresh drinking water.
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The first industrial revolution was driven by carbon-based energy resources. The second one is driven by green technologies. The wind, the sun's rays and waves are just as much a source of energy as oil and natural gas.
--- With all the damage and destruction wrought by Hurricane Irene recently, one has to wonder from the green technology
A 30-year war for energy preeminence? You wouldn't wish it even on a desperate planet. But that's where we're headed and there's no turning back.
From EarthTechling's Caleb Denison: It was just last year that we covered a story about kites flying under the sea to harness
Add another notch to Oregon’s growing wave power industry. The case for commercialized wave energy is enjoying another surge
We can send a man to the moon, but the ocean is still a dark and mysterious place to researchers and scientists. The latest
We need to invest in the technology to make America the world leader in renewable energy. Offshore wind power is one promising source of energy that is commercially viable today.