This will be the first time the industry emits fewer than 2 billion metric tons since 1995.
In every battle and in every moment that mattered most, Rep. Waxman stood up for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the wild places we cherish.
Rather than banning the construction of new coal-fired power plants, America should tax domestic carbon emissions. Then we could enact carbon tariff on imports, and thereby level the playing field for our manufacturers.
For forty years, we have fought against the polluters to create a safer, healthier planet. For the next forty days, we must continue the fight.
With a complete makeover for the U.S. energy grid projected to cost $165 billion, it is imperative that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allocations are made judiciously.
BP's spill safety response plans include references to protecting walruses, which have not called the Gulf of Mexico home for 3 million years. The American people deserve oil safety plans that are ironclad and not boilerplate.
Because President Obama will be focusing on jobs and the economy between now and November, climate and energy legislation will only gain traction as part of an economic initiative to create jobs.
This is not the 17th century, when "beliefs" trumped science, forcing Galileo to recant his understanding of the solar system. The president should unequivocally support the climate science community.
The Recovery Act reoriented America to the future and refocused our efforts on our strengths. Our strength has always been our ability to innovate. Our weakness is our addiction to oil.
Sickly green Kerry's expected bill may be a much weaker plan than any proposed so far, yet it is still not certain that the
Here's a modified version of cap-and-trade that could be much more attractive in this era of rampant expressions of populism, coming both from the right ("no new taxes") and the left ("bash the corporations").
Capping carbon won't be a tax on middle-class families. On the contrary, it will pay them dividends. In a time of economic uncertainty, what could be more reassuring and politically appealing than that?
It is almost certain that the final binding deal will not be reached in Copenhagen, but we have every reason to believe that we are moving in the right direction.
Colorado U.S. Sens Mark Udall and Michael Bennet with 12 other Senate Democrats signed onto a letter urging Senate leaders
The right-wing misinformation machine is in full swing. And that machine doesn't have its final cylinder cranking until Sarah Palin jumps into the fray, which she did today in a mistake-riddled, anti-clean energy op-ed.
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We have pushed the limits of Establishment health care debate, buried the right-wing lies and gave people a stronger voice in their democracy. That's how it's supposed to work.
In the Chamber of Commerce's zeal to please a few powerful industries they seem to have fallen out of step with their environmentally concerned members.
The race to develop competitive clean-tech industries is critical to motivating enough development of clean technologies -- far more than any "legally-binding" global emissions treaty, as we've seen with the failure of the Kyoto Protocol.