Wayne Brady

The Emmy winner said he and Mandie Taketa have formed a "new nuclear family" in order to co-parent their 17-year-old daughter while self-isolating.
The winner called the experience the "most amazing" ... and "weirdest."
Some big names gathered at actor Rafael Casal's pad for a cypher that deserves a Grammy.
The comedians talk about mental health and how it influences their performance in a new documentary.
"During these four years, what are you going to fight for?"
Tickets to Chicago performances just got even harder to find.
In 1992 I was in the movie Equinox, starring Mathew Modine. I was cast as a waitress in the Villa Capri restaurant, where a big shoot-out took place between the twin brothers (both played by Matthew Modine).
The congregants and their Charleston neighbors have shown us a stronger power to change hearts and minds. And they are not alone.