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Rose, 29, was a five-year veteran of the force's canine unit.
“We considered tuition increases into the double digits,” Gilmour told the Free Press. “We thought if we are going to be
An effort to explore setting up a bike sharing program in Detroit is shifting to a higher gear -- and those involved in the
Yes, Detroit has a lot of things that aren't in its favor. But there's so much more positive than negative, from great universities and walkable neighborhoods, to cultural and natural amenities, the city and surrounding region have a lot to offer.
"It's almost like nature's trying to hide it," he said. "We'd been closing in at lower masses and higher masses. This was
The Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research Facility project on Cass Avenue in midtown Detroit is supported in-part by $30
"There is no problem," he said. "Hazmat was just called as a precautionary method." According to WXYZ, a passerby reported
In a reversal of Bush-era "guidance," the U.S. Department of Education announced Thursday that it supports factoring race
First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at Wayne State University in Detroit today, encouraging students to help others and take