Wayne State University

About 20 to 25 percent of men report sexually coercive behavior, ranging from forced sex to verbal manipulation like guilt-tripping a woman into having sex.
Is your name worth so much, and guarded so tightly, that you can't spare the smallest part of it for Amber and KaJavia -- just as you can't spare even the slight platitude of "thoughts and prayers" for those they left behind? If so, your name is worth so much less to me.
When Ridwan Alam just started working in a lab as a freshman at Wayne State University in Michigan, he did primarily mechanical work, but by the sophomore year, his research became more sophisticated and demanding. "I grew cells," he said.
I continue on my journey to share with you some of the world's creative geniuses. These individuals turn their imaginations into reality. They all share a common mission to make the world a better place, may it be through innovation, creativity or both.
I hope our leaders can, as iO's mission states, "think broadly" enough to let go of rigid, behaviorist notions of what education means. I hope they will heed the many stories like this one that prove the dramatic, turn-around impact of the arts on "under-performing" schools.
For a few months in-between wrecking-ball and ground-breaking, Detroiters will once again have an unobstructed view of the river at the corner of Fort and 3rd -- as if looking back in time and seeing the Purple Gang hijack another bootlegger at the docks, before moving its haul up the street to the speakeasy beside the church.
When I lived in Jackson, Mississippi, Lumumba was my city councilman. Rather than simply mourning Chokwe Lumumba's passing, this column will celebrate his contributions.
Weeks of hard work, revision and practice have gone into creating a blockbuster group poem of Detroit pride, affirmation, social critique -- a manifesto of youthful determination and hope for a better future, no matter what.
The gleaming Detroit airport made leaving town comfortable and easy -- what could be better. Having declared bankruptcy, Detroit
We support and applaud our students and alumni who are building Detroit's future. Instead of seeing a narrative of woe, our state's business and higher education leaders see a drive toward innovation and new opportunities. We believe Detroit has a bright future.
“We considered tuition increases into the double digits,” Gilmour told the Free Press. “We thought if we are going to be
The Senate appears unwilling to take the hard line the House took against universities and other public bodies that signed
Then there are the biotech startups. "They run the gamut," said Rapundalo. "They cover everything from a stem [cell] service
An open mic night experience offered my students a poetic example of the opportunities that might be possible for them through their education -- and it gave them confidence in what they're capable of achieving.