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If you were angered by the Brock Turner case, by how his father dismissed his actions, then I encourage you to hold on to that anger. Think about the anger you felt over Brock Turner if someone you know is accused of rape.
The Hunting Ground, a 2015 documentary examining rape on college campuses, begins with scenes of ecstatic high school seniors getting into the colleges of their choice.
That's when I had my anxiety attack. They happen now and then. In large crowds, when I'm home alone with my kids late at night (yes, I need a dog), when I'm startled by a loud noise, when I saw The Hunting Ground for the first time in a crowded antique theater and this horrible woman next to me scolded me for texting a friend to ask how much longer the movie was going to be because I felt an attack coming on.
A diverse group of survivors are revealing more about their experiences in a new book.