We Belong Together

Immigrant children protested outside the White House to tell President Trump they don’t deserve to live in fear of having their parents taken away.
The Wish for the Holidays campaign is collecting letters from children who want to express their wishes that families be
Check out the legendary disco band's new tune, "We Belong Together."
His most brilliant move of the morning was to own what is often a core contradiction of religion: although religion often relies on tradition and a consistency of dogma and practice to achieve its ends, the Pope reminded us, "we know that things can change."
By next Thanksgiving, it is my hope and belief that fasting, and all of our other efforts, will have turned the tide at last.
Both times she wept as she described the raid that swept up her mother and father on their job as they worked, like parents do, to keep the lights on and food on the table. What moved us most was her spirit.
"Get up off your butt and do something." The series of black and white portraits, taken by renowned photographer Albert Watson
Now is when the real fight will happen in order to make sure this piece of legislation does not get derailed, that the efforts and hopes of so many people are not shattered to smithereens. What should the community be focusing on next to get this legislation passed?
Letters were hand delivered to the offices of 54 members of Congress, including 27 members who are supporters of immigrant