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9. Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith -- "La La La" 10. One Direction -- "Kiss You" Miley Cyrus may not have earned any Grammy nominations
Miley Cyrus has a pretty confident attitude despite the negativity plaguing her at every corner. Growing up under the spotlight allows for anyone and everyone to criticize, and Cyrus has experienced that to the full extent. She recently spoke to the Toronto Sun about the meaning behind her spunky, attention-grabbing "We Can't Stop" video and the cruel names she's been called since chopping off and bleaching her locks.
“People are watching like, ‘Cute cat plays with yarn,’ for three hours a lot more than they’re watching anyone else’s music
Diane Martel has a storied career in directing music videos, but it's one of her most recent projects that has folks crying
Dancing teddy bears, so edgy y'all: The fake chopping off of fingers: Tonguing a giant barbie doll, because, obviously: The
After teasing her latest music video yesterday, Miley Cyrus debuted the full video for her single "We Can't Stop" on Wednesday
Cyrus made waves recently when she distanced herself from comparisons to Nicki Minaj. "That's not what I'm trying to do," Cyrus