Citizenship and small-dollar lines of credit are just an initial step toward economic mobility and building wealth for Latino immigrants.
Ever since I began teaching, I have dedicated myself to doing whatever it takes in order to be the best teacher I can be. After finding my own success in the trading work, I became truly passionate about the idea of teaching others to mimic my success and to use the same strategies I did to earn my millions.
8. Goal-Oriented 5. Healthy Skepticism The Eight Traits That Every Successful Wealth Builder Needs 2. Willingness to Learn
If our future is in the hands of young businessmen like Robbie Dickson, I think we're in good shape. His personal vision was shaped by his tenure at Rolls-Royce: Quality, Integrity and Innovation. Words to live by.
Many Hispanic families lack access to safe and affordable credit or know their credit score, which often results in people seeking high-cost alternative financial services like check cashing or payday loans or relying on family and friends for financial help.
One critical skill to help new citizens to fulfill their American Dream is the financial know-how of the U.S. banking system. Financial capability -- financial knowledge, counseling, and access -- is critically important for immigrants who are in the process of changing their legal status.
Now I'll say something you may not agree with -- if you are not on a path to have $1M in the bank by the time you retire -- it's probably your own fault.
Ultimately short on time and limited in outside investment knowledge and resources, High Net Workers and other busy Americans may be overlooking both investment and personal wealth management opportunities that would allow their portfolios to attain the same kind of success they've experienced in their careers.
In order to support investments in education, infrastructure, health care, and many other areas that millions of Americans rely on, everybody must contribute financially through the tax system. Luckily for this country, Latinos are a tremendous asset thanks to their commitment to paying their fair share of taxes.
Nearly half of U.S. households are living one misstep away from financial disaster because they don’t have enough savings to sustain themselves in case of an emergency. HuffPost Associate Business Editor Caroline Fairchild joins Abby to offer her thoughts.