wealth inequality

Elites are finding more ways to ensure that their children never run out of chances to fail.
Howard Schultz has been dragged for being out of touch after lamenting how “billionaire” has become a dirty word.
Business isn't booming and workers' wages aren't moving, despite massive company tax cuts, according to data.
Despite this grim reality, the Republican Party's economic policy agenda has not changed for decades. Cut taxes for the 1
Islamic Relief is supporting efforts to improve the global regulatory environment, with the aim of achieving wider uptake
The central shortcoming, the root of all this disarray, is that the United States has failed to demonstrate democratic governance
In addition, a middle white America overexposed to a few million-dollar NBA stars, has become apathetic to the normal plight
Because the wealthy are despoiled, because the wealthy groan, I will rise up and place them in the safety for which they
An option for breaking this economically destructive cycle, which almost never gets considered, is for firms to lobby to
In college, I typically worked about 20 hours a week but pushed myself to do more when I could. Even with my parents' help
The only ways Clinton and Trump could truly deflect conflict-of-interest scandals would be for the former to close down the Clinton Foundation, and for Trump to hold one giant IPO for his holdings. But even if they did, neither would pose a challenge to corporate dominance.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gave dueling economic addresses this week, offering contrasting visions of where we are now and where each candidate would like to take us.
The latest data on the U.S. puts it somewhere in the middle, at 0.41. Our analysis showed that the median age of the population
According to Mr. Trump, the United States has been had -- out-bargained and out-maneuvered by other nations. So our country gets hurt by the deals, while other nations make out like bandits. But there's no sign of that.