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“I was going to be a sales person representing that I managed the portfolio. I couldn’t live with that.”
It has been an exciting start to the investing year. Between the Dow Jones flirting with 20,000 points, a major milestone
An interesting point that makes Swanest uniquely different from robo-advisors is that it merges the best of robo-advisor
Zaneilia Harris Zaneilia Harris is the President of Harris & Harris Wealth Management Group, LLC. Her passion is working
If you've avoided wealth management services in the past because they were expensive, cumbersome and time consuming, welcome to the world of the online robo adviser. As the new alternative to human financial planners, robo adviser-based investment platforms are making automated portfolio management accessible, affordable, and amazingly convenient.
Indeed, I recently co-authored a study of 3,500 highly successful entrepreneurs and found a high correlation between networking
And so today's big question in banking is this: How to combine scalability with security? It starts, says Kaazing CEO Bob
In that report, the authors explore both the potential benefits and risks of AI for financial services, relying in part upon
A simple question what is sustainability for a wealth manager deserves a simple answer.
We all suffer from some status envy, but often those status symbols are merely mirages. They're not real.