Wealth tax

Several of the court’s conservative justices seemed skeptical of an argument against taxing undistributed income from investments in foreign companies.
Abigail Disney ripped the World Economic Forum as a "farce" and demanded participants address "only thing that can make a difference: Taxing the rich."
“The wealthiest in this country are paying less in taxes than everyone else.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren set the record straight after a CNBC reporter suggested that the rich would leave the U.S. over a new wealth tax.
President Joe Biden says he feels "very positive" about reaching a deal on his big domestic policy bill.
The progressive senator from Massachusetts wants to levy a two-cent tax on every dollar of individual wealth over $50 million.
"Can we have just a little fairness here?" asks an annoyed senator after being told the rich will flee (even though many nations have wealth taxes and high rates).
Norway is the rare country where the rich pay taxes on their wealth. A new study could boost similar proposals in the U.S.
Amid a historic crisis, billionaires are keeping their money to themselves.
Her presidential campaign is over, but she is winning the war for ideas.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is ending her presidential campaign after a poor performance on Super Tuesday.