Wealth tax

Norway is the rare country where the rich pay taxes on their wealth. A new study could boost similar proposals in the U.S.
Amid a historic crisis, billionaires are keeping their money to themselves.
Her presidential campaign is over, but she is winning the war for ideas.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is ending her presidential campaign after a poor performance on Super Tuesday.
The president's comments at the Israeli American Council summit were called "vile and bigoted."
“All we’re saying is when you make it big, pitch in two cents so everybody else gets a chance," the 2020 presidential candidate says in the clip.
The Microsoft founder also refused to rule out voting for the senator over Donald Trump in 2020.
The senator urged the former New York City mayor to check out her campaign website "for policy plans that will make a huge difference for working people."
The Microsoft co-founder also refused to say if he would vote for the senator over Donald Trump.
The hedge fund manager and Elizabeth Warren foe has criticized her proposed wealth tax.