A man was arrested after authorities found the massive cache of weapons at a home in an upscale neighborhood popular with celebrities.
“You don’t blow up an international alliance over one person,” Robertson said, putting journalist Jamal Khashoggi's fate on a scale with U.S.-Saudi arms sales.
A veteran of selling condos, steaks, vodka, ties and "university" degrees now openly hawks U.S. military hardware.
Slide Fire, maker of the devices used by the Las Vegas mass killer, didn't give a reason.
Bass Pro Shops and Academy Sports + Outdoors are still selling military-style rifles like those used in recent mass shootings.
In wake of the massacre at a Texas church that killed 26, President Trump says the shooter’s mental health is to blame, not loose gun laws.
In wake of the mass shooting at a Texas church that left 26 dead, President Donald Trump was quick to blame mental health and not loose gun laws
How much is the life of a Yemeni worth? Not much, according to the Saudi regime that has been bombing and starving the people of Yemen since March 2015, or to the Saudi's western backers, particularly the US and UK, who have been supplying the Saudi regime with weapons.
This past April, experts from 87 countries gathered for a summit in Geneva on "Killer Robots." These state party representatives to the United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons were there to discuss whether these robots, more formally known as "lethal autonomous weapons," should be regulated or restricted to operating only under "meaningful human control," which would require humans to retain control over the critical functions of weaponry, such as the selection and engagement of targets