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Stacey Burr Stacey Burr is a leader in the field of wearables. Following an impressive career at DuPont, she founded and
CCTV, China's public TV, was also there at the Augmented World Expo. Journalist Mark Niu covered my presidential campaign
So how do two powerhouse partners come together to act like a scrappy startup? The key, we believe, was a shared purpose
Every summer, parents grow a bit apoplectic thinking about the hours their kids are likely to spend doing the couch potato, screen-gazing thing. Some clever manufacturers are dreaming up alternatives to screen time by incorporating screens and tech directly into more physical play. In other words, if the kids hate leaving their tech behind, they can take their tech with them.
You could one day shoot video with the blink of an eye.
The makers of the device want to take on the scourge of drowsy driving.
Started my very first company when I was 14, my first venture funded project at 17. Now working on Chill with my lads Greg
Apple's new iPhone doesn't exactly wow.
Wearable tech sales are expected to grow significantly in 2016.
"Project BLAID" aims to help improve mobility for the visually impaired.