Fitness is starting to become both a goal and a journey, a lifestyle and a belief, a ritualistic thing that no one can seem to agree on. Fitness is changing how clothes are being designed and what workplace environments should offer as "fitness alternatives" and yet on some level it feels early in this figuring out work-life-fitness balance thing.
Summer brings its own set of challenges to the quantified world: sun, air quality, allergies, even relationships. And now, moving beyond basic fitness trackers, the next generation of wearables promises to let you measure everything from the sun's rays to the quality of the air you breathe.
So how do two powerhouse partners come together to act like a scrappy startup? The key, we believe, was a shared purpose
Indeed, wearing the right clothes can make you appear smarter.
Wearable technology has become an increasingly popular trend over the past few years, providing consumers the chance to live happier, healthier and more convenient lives.
What do connected cows and wearables for seniors have in common? They are just two new innovative solutions in the world of #Iot 2016.
It is hard to imagine a brand saying no to the opportunity to become ever closer attached to people and mine today’s gold
As at the screen sizes change -- the way we communicate also has to change. Not only how we communicate with one another but also the way we interact with apps and "stuff" (meaning IoT) around us.
As you know there are two types of people- the ones that send messages and the ones that send messages on potatoes... Finally
Started my very first company when I was 14, my first venture funded project at 17. Now working on Chill with my lads Greg
"Project BLAID" aims to help improve mobility for the visually impaired.
When I returned from the Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks ago, everyone wanted to know what was hot this year. I get that same question every year following CES and once again I rattled off the usual hot categories of virtual reality, 3D printing, robotics and drones.
But could there be better shorthand to describe some of the recent developments in medical, health and bio-tech? Consider these possibilities coming to fruition, or close to, in 2016.
Foremost among these is sleep deprivation, a topic deeply covered in the February 2016 issue of Consumer Reports. "Sleeplessness
I have a mad, crazy crush on my husband's fitness tracker. It's hard to believe the passionate feelings I have for an athletic-looking band of rubber that these days is worn by everyone from grandchildren to grandmothers.
Does your technology resonate with the individual? Does your brand inspire people to get involved? Build revenue and profit with purposeful technology. Read these three tips that will help you to better understand creating compelling apps in the wearable tech market:
Everywhere you look these days, you're likely to see people wearing their tech. Whether it's a fitness tracker, smartwatch, or even Google Glasses, wearables are all the rage.
How is the Internet impacting the human being? Ever since the beginning of technology humans have expanded new forms of connection.
Perhaps, innovators for killer wearable apps should look beyond the data and into the human need for self-understanding. Perhaps engineers should revisit old Buddhist texts, Freud, and Plato, and weave a narrative around wearables that opens a modern path to self-awareness.