I love this concept because it's not gambling (there's nothing to actually wager since it's a free entry) and the winners
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On 9 January, Tencent launched its new offensive in the mobile app market: WeChat mini-programs. This launch is seen as a
The end of the year is a good time to both be thankful and to remind us all that we face a future of immensely complex challenges
The HotBrand of the week is Alipay, the payment system of Alibaba. Alipay publicly announced the launch of a new social media
What is interesting is that they actually managed to change the perception in one campaign. Similar to H&M who make fashion
Memo to the next President of the United States. Innovation, from the cotton gin, to horse-less carriages, to air conditioning
The first episode was released on October 18th, and contained a lot of details making it a big success with Millennials, who
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It goes something like this: "Pen apple equals pineapple, pineapple and pen equal pineapple...". It's just pure nonsense
3. You Are Using Social Media As A Primary Sales Tool: A problem we see time and time again is that people are using (or
Making a living as a writer is hard. Not because writing itself is difficult, although that fact is debateable, but because getting paid a living wage for your words is challenging in today's market, especially when writing for the web.
Are you saying this business is only for a select few? http://www.mauroperrella.com Exactly but the real influencers, like
All users saw their name changed on the app: the surnames were all replaced by 'Bao Bao', meaning 'baby'. As surnames precede
There will be many companies that don't get the AI innovation thing. They will be late to the party. Still looking in the
6. Answers Some Questions Up Front Most sites will have some sort of FAQ page but if your service is one that requires some
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If you were to manually manage each of your social media accounts, you'd eat up a huge portion of your day. Social media
Recently I was in NY City giving a presentation at the Tribeca Film Festival's Hatchery Innovation Day sponsored by Bloomberg
Do you think that for the web, roles such as writer, journalist, content producer, are important or have they become superfluous