Web 3.0

X marking your final sticker... Lisa Paul Streitfeld is a Kulturindustrie theorist out to prove Adorno wrong and appropriate
You have arrived at the Third... All Liebesbankweg photos by LPS. For the MJF collages, LONITÉ™ diamond copyright photo used
Those who are plugged in know that technology is a swift changing animal--a shapeshifter always in flux, moving forward at a terabit-fast pace. Keeping up with every new buzz and innovation is undoubtedly whiplash-inducing.
INTO THE WILD is not simply a spectacular moment in rock history. It is a bottled message of a crucial rebirth for rock, with powerful political messages seamlessly woven into an elegantly embodied handcrafted aesthetic..
The heart of Bonaparte's neo-modernist spirit of quantum entanglement is Tobias Jundt, a multimedia phenomenon birthed in a reunited Berlin, which has originated both the zeitgeist and the mythology of a 21st century modernism.
Like the proverbial fall of dominos or throwing of the Deleuzian dice, the black and white of the ever-domino(ant) continential philosophy text is blending into a distinct shade of grey...
This week on "Legalese It," Mike breaks down how the Feds lost net neutrality and what it means for the control of the Internet
5. Information, organizational tools and activist networks will become luxuries for the rich. 3. The big companies of today
At a certain point, the fact that some of this content is valuable doesn't help. It kind of makes it worse to know there's great stuff you should be seeing, you'll never have time to get to it all, and every day, you fall farther behind.
Will the next Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds or Jimmy Wales please step forward? Because I don't want information at my fingertips -- I want action at my fingertips, and I mean my fingertips.
I still believe to this day the quote by Peter Drucker: "Marketing and Innovation are the only two functions of business." When your marketing is solid, all else falls into place.
The beginning of today's Web 2.0 Summit, focusing on big data and, appropriately themed, "The Data Frame," was kicked off
(Story continues below slideshow) This is the opening article of a series of articles (3), which aim to look at libraries
We have five more years to make good on the specific Millennium Declaration promise, but we have a lifetime to care for our fellow citizens of the world. Watch, connect, spread the information, and speak up.
The company will provide access to "RDF" to developers for downstream work and integration per the prescribed international
People, businesses and agencies are continuing to move to using virtual reality worlds because they are tired of traveling, have less money to spend on travel, and are realizing the power associated in these worlds.
When it comes to utilizing Web 3.0, there are a few companies that I consider to be game changers and in a whole different league from the rest. Here is what they have in common.
Searching for health information on the web can feel overwhelming. The power of the Internet is also its limitation--it provides information, but not guidance on how to sort what is credible and what is not.