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Back then the complexity merchant of choice was J2EE, but the complaints are uncannily similar to those leveled against JavaScript
2004: Google releases Gmail, which uses this super cool "XML thing" to be wicked responsive. By "XML thing," I'm obviously
" Once we got to know the city, we were struck by how little the reality coincided with negative perceptions. Not only is
Because consumers are using a company's website to make decisions about who they work with, a dull website can be detrimental
Hack the Hood participants don't just gain valuable experience working in tech, they also develop soft skills, like project
Being a web developer, like many other human endeavors, is prone to irrational arguments, emotional overreach and yes, unfounded
Launching a website is both exciting and overwhelming, especially if your experience is limited. As someone who has launched
This past Saturday, at the star-studded Global Citizen Festival, Google's Made with Code initiative unveiled a new project. After Metallica's spirited performance, 'Quantico'-star Priyanka Chopra, a host of the evening, was joined on stage by a legion of teen girls.
A web hosting service is not just as easy as choosing a standard plan based on the amount of hosting space you need. You
According to a survey, 46 percent of small businesses don't have a website. Shocking, isn't it? You would have expected that the ever-growing need for an online presence would have geared small businesses to jump at it.
Interactions and Microinteractiions The idea behind any modern website design is to keep the user engaged and occupied as
Don't miss your opportunity to connect with one of our eCommerce experts to discuss any and all things about designing, building
All sorts of companies are using JavaScript nowadays to build applications and websites. Most of them are unaware that at
Yesterday at 2:35 PST, one developer clicked one button on a site that broke the codebase of some of the hottest startups in the country.
Your skill portfolio can be made up of a great combination of a college degree and the various certifications necessary to land any job and make yourself an invaluable asset to your company and yourself.
Whether you're designing your own website or hiring a developer, it's important to know exactly what you want from your website
Should bloggers invest more in selecting themes that allow to build business homepages, and why? 3. The WordPress theme trends
WYSIWYG or 'What You See Is What You Get' is a simple system of website building which is on its way to eliminate the prerequisite knowledge of HTML and other programming languages.