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Nelson "Moses" Lassiter's series examines homophobia in the hip-hop world, and the sacrifices stars make in the name of fame.
"Michael and Michael Are Gay" examines what queer commitment means in the 21st century.
In "Bagdad, Florida," complicated love can be found in a hopeless place.
A new web series tackles the stigma of getting mental health help.
"[Kids] know what’s going on in the country...People just don’t engage with them,” the show's producer said.
Laura could have easily let this go, but as the season progresses we come to learn along with Laura that this was just the
Hopefully we've gotten you excited for the rollercoaster of emotions ahead. Just think - soon you'll find that special someone
I often bring together celebs who don't know each other; but, it is rare that they get on as well as young actor, Gentry White, (Lifetime's UnReal and AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies) and James Beard nominated Chef Bruce Kalman of Union in Pasadena and Knead Pasta Co. in L.A.'s Grand Central Market.
Anyone who is a child of the 90s will soon hit (or has hit) an age milestone in his or her life: Turning 30. While this writer has yet to hit this milestone, as it draws closer, I begin to reflect on that past while looking forward to starting a new decade.
Vanessa Bayer and Jonah Bayer ("Sound Advice") Vanessa will join her brother in the later show. You do not want to miss this
When it comes to sharing a cause she's passionate about, actress Lia Marie Johnson can't pick just one. The star of AwesomenessTV's "T@gged" opens up about having a positive body image and wishes for others to feel good in the skin they're in.
Who do you listen to? Those that say to follow your passion and the money will follow, or the opposing view telling you to face reality?
Tuko Macho, which remixes the police procedural drama and transfuses into the results scalpel-sharp social commentary, moral