wedding anniversary

“Choosing to love each other year after year has proven to be the best decision we’ve ever made,” Crews said of his 30-year marriage to singer-songwriter Rebecca King-Crews.
Ayesha Curry also shared a post, telling her NBA star husband, "Through our ups and downs we only become stronger."
The batch of photos come just days after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their first child.
The bunny groom brought a new ring for his wife packed in a large silver egg.
The "Buffy" actress posted the note to mark her 16-year wedding anniversary with Freddie Prinze Jr.
I remember when my dad turned 80 and his children and grandchildren chipped in and bought him a very expensive leather briefcase, embossed with his three initials. We didn't really think about it, other than that his old one was tattered and stained. My dad, on the other hand, was ecstatic.
I love that he loves that I get lost in my writing. But it can't be easy to love a writer. To know that a part of them is away somewhere else, figuring out someone else's life. Writing is a solitary task.
My husband and I have worked at our marriage; we've worked hard. We have been the movie that would make you uncomfortable in some parts, and have you crying in others. There have been several times when we might have quit.
Now, here it is, hundreds of years later: millions of fruitcakes are manufactured and sold in just the United States alone
Brian and I filed joint taxes as a married couple in 2013. It would have been a nightmare to go back and re-file. Plus, we popped some champagne this past August 10 to celebrate our second anniversary. It is too late to un-pop and un-celebrate now.