wedding ceremony

What’s an unplugged wedding? An “unplugged wedding” is when a couple getting married have made a decision that they would
It’s your job as the bride and groom to take the basic structure of the wedding - the ceremony and reception - and personalize
With natural settings like these, you don't really need much more when it comes to ceremony or venue décor.
...Cause a scene Cheers to being a dream wedding guest and having a great time! ....Show up drunk Ship it to the couple's
The title of this video is called the "Trump Wedding" because that is my husband's last name. However, our wedding was the polar opposite of everything Donald Trump stands for with a room full of unconditionally loving and different people from varying cultural and economic backgrounds.
Sure, this commitment might be the bravest step you've ever taken, you might have hundreds of people watching, your family
It's easy to forget about the little details that make your big day special.
Some young Bulgarian Muslim women are reviving traditional wedding customs that were suppressed during the communist era.
Wedding receptions may hog most of the attention, but the ceremony is ultimately the most important part of the day.
From cascading eucalyptus and ivy adornments to wreaths of myrtle and swags of fern, foliage is the new flower.
There are a thousand different thoughts that run through a man's mind when the day comes and someone finally says, "I want you to be my best man." Undeniably, the first thought is about the speech that will need to be given.