wedding costs

From the articles on every wedding website and app in existence to all of the "experts" that surround a couple the minute after the proposal, there is an onslaught of confusing and incorrect information out there being given to couples.
4 Surprising Facts About the Cost of Being in a Wedding Read: 37 Cheap Travel Tips for Millennials Just because the average
Girls, please don't call me cheap. Call me practical. And if any last minute expenses come up, your dad will happily pay for them with a minimal amount of grumbling.
From a single wedding, however, planners typically aren't paid all that much for their services. Wedding planners, on average
Whether you are in the wedding industry or you are engaged, there is a question that if you haven't heard it already, you will hear it thousands of times in the near future: "What is your budget?"
Often, producing a wedding feels similar to running a corporation--but with the added stress of emotion, of course. Now, most
Suffice it to say, when he was charged $2000 for "words on paper," Schendlinger wasn't thrilled. Keep in touch! Check out
While there's a lot of societal pressure to splurge on a huge, expensive wedding, Sally and I held onto this one truth: An extravagant wedding does not equal a perfect marriage.
If you want to have a cake-cutting ceremony, consider serving sheet cake to your guests instead of paying for a tiered confection
Think about 'til death do us part Take a financial inventory Create a support network It may be in the marriage vows, but