wedding dances

The pair fittingly danced to “Angels Among Us” by Alabama.
Based on the cheers erupting periodically from the guests and the glowing look on the bride's face when she's pulled onto
Attention all groomsmen: the bar has now been set. The next time you're at a wedding, this dance routine is something you'll
Dare we say we actually enjoyed it, too? In a video posted to YouTube last week, Derek Cooley, his wife Michelle and the
Wedding dances can be so predictable: Father and daughter embrace one another to the tune of “Unchained Melody,” mother and
We're used to seeing some pretty awful (read: drunk) dancing at weddings. That's why we were so impressed by the dance-off
But guess who else might shed a tear or two? Don't underestimate the power of sentimental moments -- even on grown men!
Many people love the idea of a brother/sister dance and there are clearly ways to do it without becoming a Lifetime movie of the week, but couples should think carefully about why they're choosing to do it.
Watch the video above to see the hilarious bloopers after the music stops. One San Francisco-area couple paid homage to "Gangnam
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