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For BRIDES, by Elizabeth Mitchell. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes those long awaited for wedding photos
For BRIDES, by Jillian Kramer. You spent months or even years planning out the perfect day. So when a single, solitary detail
I've watched couples deteriorate under the pressure to keep up with current wedding trends, and how they think their day "should be", versus staying true to who they are, and what they want to achieve in their future together. So, let's hit "reset."
Bridey, if you're a 30-something bride feeling lonely, recognize that you're not alone. Know that your friends and family DO care, and they love you.
Sorry, friends. No heavy tailgating before the ceremony. Leave your drinking to the reception. This is just an issue of respect
"When the tough got going, you both got going… in different directions."
Since our wedding, quite a few people have made comments to us that they "feel bad" that it rained on our wedding day, or how "great" we were for handling it "despite the rain." Let me make one thing clear: September 12, 2015 was the single most perfect, fun, and love-filled day of my life, and I would not change one thing about it, especially not the rain.
The bottom line is, there isn't an App for everything. Some things will always require human interaction to achieve the best results. One of those things is assembling a team of vendors for your wedding day, starting with your wedding planner.
Everybody loves funny wedding memories, but something that happens to the bride or groom's face isn't really funny. I'm sure this groom would have had a much better time at his wedding and reception if he didn't know he looked stupid, and if his face hadn't been burning. Take care so that you can have the most fun possible!
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