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Haven't you heard? Ice cream and cake make a perfect pair -- especially when there's wedding cake involved.
By Kellee Khalil for Temperatures are rising and wedding season is in full swing, which means couples need to find
No worries! We’ve gathered loads of ways to slice your costs. 1.  As you begin to conjure up your cake, the number-one rule
By Kellee Khalil for As "cronut" fever sweeps NYC, it feels like donuts are having their moment. We love the way
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I have often left a delivery amazed at how a bride can be so meticulous and stylish when it comes to her cake design, only then to house it in the far, dark corner of a fluorescent-lit cavernous banquet hall.
Groom's cakes offer couples just one more chance to offer guests a sweet, decadent escape and they can often be a chance for a fun, personal note.
I wanted to create both an inspirational book filled with creative ideas but also contain the resources and instructions for sweet styling. It's about dressing up desserts, marrying baking and crafts and coming up with fun ideas for a wedding.
To ensure that your wedding cake makes the statement you want it to, I asked the "Queen of Cakes," Sylvia Weinstock, where a couple can find inspiration for their cake -- both inside and out.
While I used to make fun of brides for obsessing over the wrong thing -- a perfect dress, bridesmaids, to emboss or not to emboss the invitation -- when my husband dropped the Big Q, I cried, smiled and then immediately began to plan the menu in my head.