wedding dogs

"There wouldn't have been a wedding without them." 🐾
February 20 marks an unofficial and little-known holiday called National Love Your Pet Day. We were as surprised as you probably
For anyone who still holds the misguided belief that pit bulls are anything but brilliant, kind and affectionate animals
Engagement photo sessions are a wonderful chance for the photographer to capture the two of you and your furkid(s) naturally, sharing special moments.
I was recently researching places for my husband and I to go away for the weekend with our two dogs. I searched high and low for reasonably priced accommodation that was 'pet-friendly.'
When it comes to including your dog in your proposal, don't be afraid to get creative. You're only going to do this once (fingers crossed), so you want it to be memorable and special.
Dogs and cats are not the only furbabies that capture the apple of their owner's eye.
*Eyeroll* Courtesy of Redditor Nunwithagun Good luck getting that bouquet back. Credit: Flickr user RobKimber Seriously, can't
Dogs are increasingly becoming important members of the bridal party at weddings. And to me, this trend completely makes sense. But what about weddings where the guests are encouraged to bring their own four-legged entourage with them?