wedding favors

Are you going to tie the knot at a beach or in a garden? Depending on where you'll be saying "I do," give wedding favors that your guests will find useful while they join you in your celebration.
Ah yes, wedding favors. Not the biggest decision on the bride's to-do list, but a tricky one that has many a bride at a loss over what parting gift to bestow upon the guests who took the trouble to show up on the biggest day of her life.
Thank your guests for coming out to celebrate your big day with edible delights or keepsake favors that serve a useful purpose.
If you're looking to do something different, something memorable, take a look at these four unique ideas for wedding favors.
Contrary to what the TSA thought, these wedding favors were not the bomb.
Between Pinterest and Etsy, it's easy to believe that ANYTHING is a good idea to spend money on for your wedding. And it's not.
Special farewell notes, personally written, to each of your guests, with a simple water bottle. Share a little love note with your family and friends when they leave your wedding. After all, that's what weddings are all about. LOVE!
Most involve food and alcohol, naturally.
While checkers or bingo might seem like the sort of pastime for camp and not a wedding, there are dozens of couples who might beg to differ.
From using the aromatic beans as a way to amp up your escort card display, to filling up glass vases with beans and candles and creating a customized cappuccino bar or giving away a personalized bag of grounds, there are plenty of ways to show off your coffee addiction.
So many issues -- big and little -- crop up during this special (and stressful) time. To the point that you may find yourself wondering why in the heck you didn't just elope. But, do not fear: Wedding freak-outs happen to the best of us (er, all of us).
While you may be the neighborhood compost authority, planning your dream wedding while still being environmentally conscious can be a bit trickier. Here are a few tips to help you pull off the ultimate green wedding.
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Do not DIY your dress. Do not allow your mom or grandmom or anyone, but Vera Wang herself, to DIY your dress.
Any bride who's stayed up until 2 a.m. trying to pick the perfect font for her wedding invitations can probably relate to Kelly Clarkson, who just announced that she's scrapping her elaborate wedding and eloping instead.
While your guests will obviously be thrilled to see you get hitched, they're also putting in a lot of time and money to celebrate with you.
For whatever the reason it seems that selecting the right favor gives couples some of the most trouble. To help get your taste buds going I came up with five favor ideas that will charm your guests and their stomachs.