wedding favors

Are you going to tie the knot at a beach or in a garden? Depending on where you'll be saying "I do," give wedding favors that your guests will find useful while they join you in your celebration.
Ah yes, wedding favors. Not the biggest decision on the bride's to-do list, but a tricky one that has many a bride at a loss over what parting gift to bestow upon the guests who took the trouble to show up on the biggest day of her life.
Thank your guests for coming out to celebrate your big day with edible delights or keepsake favors that serve a useful purpose.
If you're looking to do something different, something memorable, take a look at these four unique ideas for wedding favors.
Contrary to what the TSA thought, these wedding favors were not the bomb.
Between Pinterest and Etsy, it's easy to believe that ANYTHING is a good idea to spend money on for your wedding. And it's not.
Special farewell notes, personally written, to each of your guests, with a simple water bottle. Share a little love note with your family and friends when they leave your wedding. After all, that's what weddings are all about. LOVE!
Most involve food and alcohol, naturally.