wedding hashtags

"I value [clients] not as individuals, but as two unique souls who merge together to form one unique phrase."
Last fall one of our brides picked a hashtag very special to her and her husband. Her guests uploaded hundreds of candid wedding photos and videos. Unfortunately, the hashtag was special to thousands of people, to the tune of over 300,000 photos and videos.
Please. Millennials. Chime in. For validation. Before anyone starts flipping out about how you can have a huge diamond and
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They don't make weddings like they used to anymore. With a smartphone in everyone's pocket and constant interaction with peers through social media, technology is changing almost every aspect of society.
Your wedding day is whatever you want it to be. Pick a weird theme. Make friends wear an ugly dress so you look prettier
A study released Thursday by Wedding Paper Divas found that the average guest shares 22 photos of the event on social media
Planning a wedding is all about setting priorities and in my opinion, hiring a high quality photographer is at the top of the must-have list.
The wedding industry doesn’t like change. Not doing a bouquet toss? Shocking. Don’t feel like wearing white? How dare you
In an era when social media has begun to consume more and more of our time, it's no surprise that today's brides and grooms