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This past year, we profiled extraordinary couples who triumphed and overcame all odds to get married, as well as those who opened their hearts and helped those in need.
If you were not attracted to me at 420 pounds, then ignore me at 200 pounds. I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than be with someone who only loved me now. My wife saw something in me at 400 pounds. She had no idea I would be able to lose weight.
While classic weddings will always have a special place in our hearts, we couldn't stop buzzing about these so-weird-they're-awesome nuptials and shocking bridal antics.
Their kindness, resilience and unwavering courage serves as a reminder of what's truly important on the wedding day.
Tell us: If you could have any famous person show up to your wedding, who would you choose? Duke Khodaverdian of Duke Photographyin
"It felt awesome," he told "CBS This Morning." Matt, 31, and Jordan, 27, left Monday on their Jamaican honeymoon. Congrats
Lou wanted to surprise his new wife Irene by performing an original song, and he asked the videographers at Blue Kite Cinema
The wedding dress remains an obsession for many girls, but it’s look has been ever changing.
You are the bridesmaid pick that everyone was a little bit surprised by, and it's certain that you will fade into oblivion after the wedding.
“I was secretly more excited to hold the baby alligator than the ring!” Kent State grad Samantha told Fox 8 News in Cleveland
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The funny thing about weddings is that brides, grooms and families want them to be "perfect." They tell DJ's not to play certain songs and they also beg family members not to embarrass themselves. They want the food to come out perfectly and everything to go as planned. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is the moment most people dream about.
Watch your step! The longest wedding veil measured 11,017 ft 0.5 in and was worn by Lebanese bride Sandra Mechleb. How do
It must be puppy love! Ed Grant popped the question to his long-term girlfriend, Alexandra Justins, in Central Park recently with the help of some furry friends. The 27-year-old Brits were visiting The Big Apple on a four-day vacation.
Widowed and divorced women have historically been shunned in areas of India. So imagine the nation's surprise when jeweler Tanishq celebrated a second marriage in its new ad.
The spot (watch above) features a beautiful bride having a playful moment with her daughter after bridesmaids help her adjust
Last December, San Jose, CA hairstylist, Jen Bulik, received the worst news possible and was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. She and her boyfriend of six years, Jeff Lang, a yoga instructor, decided to marry as soon as possible.
"Every time I went in [to Vera Wang] for a fitting, I couldn't stop getting one," she explained. "It's just too pretty." Head
Though most wedding day emergencies can be fixed with a sewing kit and tampons, one bride required 911 assistance... in more ways than one.
Well this is a bridal party! Unable to say "no" to all of her nearest and dearest, Katie Dalby, who married fireman Norman Gooch in Harwich, Essex, last Saturday, walked down the aisle with a staggering 80 bridesmaids in tow.