wedding proposals

Even before the guest list for an engagement party is put together, you can bring many blessings to your marriage by blessing your engagement ring.
When you run a marriage proposal website (re:, you come across a lot of amazing proposal ideas. Some are over the top, some are wildly emotional, and others are simply drop-dead gorgeous. Summer proposals are usually the latter. There's something about love under the sun that always makes a proposal glow.
Rodrigo had plans to visit New York City from Mexico City with a group of friends. His girlfriend initially wasn't going to be able to make it but she changed her mind and decided to come along. Rodrigo knew this was the right time to propose.
Thinking of a creative way to propose is tough -- even for us proposal gurus at! You want to be original, but not over do it. You want to be emotional, but not cheesy. You want her to cry, to say yes, to be the happiest she's ever been.
Would you propose marriage, or accept a proposal of marriage, by postcard? Not likely? Well, that wasn't always the conventional opinion.
Tommy, a retired Air Force veteran, claimed he "miserably failed" to properly propose to his beautiful wife Janet in 1998. Claiming that this was his "Do Over Year," he wanted to make it up to her and give her an amazing special marriage proposal and new engagement ring.
Charitable revelry. Stellar weight loss successes. Over-the-top proposals. The Buddhist concept of mudita may just be what all of these viral concepts have in common. Most users love the opportunity to participate in another person's joys and accomplishments.