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Like when the ring bearer ate the wedding band because he "thought it was candy." 😂
An affordable option for wedding receptions and ceremonies.
If you canceled your wedding a month before the Big Day, ending a long term relationship, losing money, facing friends and family, how would you feel? Would you be upset? Overwhelmed? Most importantly, would you be able to think how you can help those in need during YOUR time of need?
For BRIDES, by Jillian Kramer. For the most part, wedding guests are simply happy to be a part of your big day. But it turns
Getting hitched? Who is the lucky guy/girl? How and when did this happen? When is the special day coming? The news of people
A carefully styled ceiling will transform and elevate your venu
...Cause a scene Cheers to being a dream wedding guest and having a great time! ....Show up drunk Ship it to the couple's
It's easy to forget about the little details that make your big day special.
From cascading eucalyptus and ivy adornments to wreaths of myrtle and swags of fern, foliage is the new flower.
While some brides go all out with gold glitter table linens, others choose to use the gilded color as an accent on ivory wedding cakes or calligraphy on escort cards. No matter how much of a bullion tone you desire for your own celebration, there are plenty of ways to add golden glamour to suit your individual style on your big day.
Get inspired by some of the most over-the-top ideas we've ever seen.
If you're looking for a bold and fun way to make a statement at your reception, then ceiling decorations above your dance floor will do the trick.
It's all about the details as you plan your wedding celebration.
If you're not excited for your wedding, then take a step back and get to the bottom of it before you're stuck with enormous financial responsibility and subsequently, regret.